We are a family owned and independent funeral home providing a full range of personalised and compassionate funeral services to families within Western Australia. We are committed to serving our clients in the most professional and courteous way possible to ensure that we relieve them of as much of the stress and suffering that often arises with the passing of a loved one.

Established in 1999 by John & Mary Hetherington, Hetherington Funerals was purchased in April 2014 by another family grown enterprise who are committed to maintaining and building upon the values and reputation developed by the Hetherington family. The acquisition of Hetherington Funerals saw two established funeral homes, Baskerville Funerals & Classic Funerals, be amalgamated into one business under the name Hetherington Funerals. Later, in 2015, Hetherington Funerals also took over the ownership and management of Personal Funerals, another established funeral home.

This growth and expansion has led to us becoming a recognised and successful funeral service provider within the Perth metropolitan area and continue to strive to provide an unrivalled level of sensitivity and service to our valued clients.

Due to our growth, the team at Hetherington Funerals has also seen the addition of extra staff so that we can continue to deliver the standards we have set for ourselves. However, we are also mindful of protecting the ‘personal touch’ you receive with a small team so you can be assured that when you deal with us you will never get lost in the crowd.

Our Staff:
Eric Dekker – Funeral Director & Owner
Susanne Grogan – General Manager & Funeral Planner
Martin Slack – Funeral Director
Ashton Dekker – Funeral Operations
Rayanne Gill – Funeral Operations & Funeral Planner
Berwan Wieske – Financial Manager
Bev Brown – Funeral Director’s Assistant
Toni Gill – Funeral Director’s Assistant
Rosemary Fricker – Funeral Director’s Assistant

John & Mary Hetherington – Their Story

John and Mary had served in church ministry for twenty years and, after retiring as Salvation Army pastors, decided to establish a funeral home which would deliver a complete funeral service with empathy and dignity. With their extensive experience in pastoral care, John and Mary also appreciated the enormous value of conducting funerals with compassion and respect.


Thank you for supporting the family through the preparation phase of Mum’s funeral and at the service itself. We were very pleased with the dignity of the arrangements and the staff assisting were most helpful. Please accept our sincere thanks.