Losing a loved one is never easy. We are here to make funeral planning a little bit easier by offering a comprehensive burial service in Perth. Hetherington Funerals is a family owned and operated funeral home. We understand the needs those who are grieving and we offer a range of personalised funeral services to suit your needs and your loved one’s wishes.

What is a Burial Service?

A burial service is one that is conducted at the side of the grave, tomb or mausoleum. The body of the deceased is buried at the conclusion of the service. There are several options available for burial planning.

The more traditional option is to have a funeral ceremony or memorial service in one location, like a church. This usually includes a viewing and a formal funeral service. A hearse is then used to transport the body to the burial site, which is followed by a funeral procession. In other cases, people choose for the burial to be the funeral, with the ceremony taking place in the cemetery at the site of burial.

Burial FAQs

How Do I Secure a Grave Site?

Members of the public can purchase the rights to a gravesite at any of the 6 cemeteries of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. You will be given a ‘Grant of Right of Burial’, which lasts for 25 years. The grant confers the right to arrange burials, place cremated remains and erect monumental work upon the grave. These grants are issued in one person’s name only.

If your family wishes to establish multiple burial plots in one area, it’s best to secure these when the first plot is selected.

What Happens When the Grant Expires?

Once the grant expires after 25 years, the grantee has the right of renewal for another 25 years. After that, if the Board and the grantee agree, further terms of renewal for periods of no more than 25 years may be arranged. Upon expiration of a grant, the control of the gravesite reverts to the Board.

What is Cemetery Renewal?

This is the practice of redeveloping existing cemetery burial areas to accommodate new grave sites.

Types of Burial Services

Here are some most common types of burial services selected by families. Each of our burial services is different and our funeral directors can assist and guide your family in performing funeral services as per your wish.

  • Direct Burial Service
  • Chapel or Church Burial Service
  • Graveside

Burial Services Perth – Making the right choice

Hetherington Funerals can assist you with burial services in Perth. Call us today for more information.