Nobody relishes the day that they have to choose a coffin for themselves or a loved one. However, this must be done if you are choosing a traditional burial. By learning a bit more about coffins, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision that suits your practical and financial needs.


Talk to an Expert

When a death occurs, seeking the help of a funeral home director will be a good step in choosing the right coffin. This process is usually included in their funeral planning service. The director will be able to walk you through a range of styles, sizes and colours, along with a comprehensive price list of the available coffins.

Alternatively, you can meet with a coffin retailer. Many stores specialise in selling caskets and other burial vessels.


Conventional Coffin Materials

When selecting a coffin, you can start limiting your search by choosing the material first. The material for the coffin will affect the durability, longevity and appearance of the coffin. The most common materials used are metal, wood and fibreglass. Metal coffins are made of steel, bronze or copper and they generally last the longest. Wooden caskets are often made out of ash, maple and cottonwood and have a beautiful, warm look about them. Fibreglass coffins are the most lightweight and they can be made to look like wood or even marble.

The appearance alone may not have as much of a deciding influence on you as the price. Metal and wooden coffins tend to be within the same price range depending on the type of metal or wood utilised, as well as the style, dimensions, and finish.


Consider the Measurements

Coffins and caskets are not a one-size-fits-all buy. You must get the measurements of the deceased in order to properly choose the right coffin. You can ask for oversized or goliath coffins if the deceased was larger than average.


Personal Engravings or Decorations

Decorations can add a personal touch to the deceased’s coffin to honour their memory. Ask your funeral home director or coffin supplier if they can assist you in adding something individualised. You can add names and dates, decorative carvings, or even symbols to display something about the deceased’s favourite hobbies, interests or life achievements.


Choosing the Cloth for Interior

Almost all coffins come with some type of cloth in the interior, so you’ll likely have a choice in this matter. You’ll probably be able to choose the colour and the material (silk, velvet, crepe, cotton, etc).


As a mourner, you may feel daunted by the task of choosing a coffin. Allow Perth’s Hetherington Funerals to assist you in choosing the right coffin to honour your loved one. Talk to our team about the best way to memorialise your loved one’s life.