If you’ve decided to have a cremation service, then you’ll need to answer the question of what to do with the ashes. If you don’t plan on scattering the ashes, then you have to choose the right cremation urn to store your loved one’s remains.

Choosing an urn to store remains is a deeply personal decision, but it’s one that you don’t have to make alone. Trust the funeral directors at Hetherington Funerals to assist you in choosing a tasteful and appropriate urn.

Consider the Price

Our personalised funeral services allow you to create a more customised memorial while providing more control over your budget. When considering which cremation urn to choose, think about what fits into your funeral budget.

There are many materials available, so a higher cost doesn’t always mean better quality or style. There is a myriad of lovely urns made less expensively from materials such as pewter, brass and natural resources.

Where Will You Keep the Cremation Urn Perth?

This is an important question to answer. If you plan to keep the urn in your home, it will serve a different purpose to one that will be buried. Something decorative and made of porcelain, glass or crystal would be more suited to an indoor display, whereas something sturdy like metal or marble would be appropriate if you intend to bury it.

Style and Customisation

Choose the cremation urn that you feel would best memorialise and commemorate your loved one’s personality and style. You don’t need to feel limited by traditional urn materials like metal, wood, stone, ceramic or glass. You even have the option of adding a photo or engraving a poem onto the urn.

Allow Hetherington Funerals to help you in choosing the right urn for your loved one’s ashes. Contact us in Perth today.