Hetherington Funerals is here to help you with all aspects of funeral planning in Perth. We understand that for religious or personal reasons, some families may opt out of traditional burial services. We also offer cremation services to honour your personal preferences or cultural needs.

How Are Cremation Services Carried Out?

Hetherington Funerals provides a range of options for perth cremation services, along with many opportunities for the family to actively memorialise their loved one. If you choose a cremation, you do not have to sacrifice the funeral or any of the funeral services that come with it. You can still have access to a family chapel or organise a viewing of the deceased prior to the ceremony. You can choose to hold ceremonies either before or after the cremation process. Trust our funeral directors to guide you through the options available to honour your loved one’s life.

A Personal Farewell

As with all our funeral planning services, we offer you an opportunity to truly customise your memorial. Your cremation ceremony can include music, flowers, poems and more in order to ensure that the final farewell is just as you and your family have planned.

Things to Consider with Cremations

If you are choosing a Perth cremation ceremony for your loved one, we can offer you many different practical options for what to do with the remains.

  • Do you want the cremated remains to be divided and placed in individual urns for those separated by distance?
  • Do you wish to bury the cremated remains in a cemetery so that the family and future generations can visit?
  • If you wish to scatter remains, you should thoroughly discuss this with other members of the family and close friends. We can help you understand the local laws and regulations regarding scattering ashes.
  • You can also consider scattering a portion of the remains and retaining the remainder in an urn.

Cremations Perth – Request for an Instant Quote

Allow Hetherington Funerals Perth to provide you with complete cremations perth services. Contact us for more information.