Australia is known for its diverse range of cultures, religious beliefs and traditions. The team at Hetherington Funerals can assist you in arranging a variety of religious and non-religious funeral services in Perth.

Non-Religious Services

We offer comprehensive non-religious services that you can tailor to suit your needs. These services won’t follow any particular faith. They are usually held in our non-religious chapel, but you can choose to hold the service anywhere. The service will include:

  • Greetings
  • Eulogies and readings
  • Photo montage presentation
  • Music
  • Farewell

However you wish to personalise your non-religious ceremony, we can accommodate you. You can choose to have a burial or a cremation afterwards.

Catholic Funerals

23.6 per cent of the population of Western Australia is Catholic and we have a lot of experience arranging Catholic funerals. We understand the rites and rituals involved in the Mass of Christian Burial, including the family vigil.

Hetherington Funerals has connections with local parishes and clergy. We can arrange for a minister to conduct the service, bless the coffin with Holy Water and incense, and say Mass with prayers for the dead. Also involved in a Catholic funeral is the rite of committal, which occurs at the burial site and is attended by the priest.

Anglican Services

If your family is Anglican and you wish to conduct Anglican funeral services, you can expect the procession of events below:

  • The welcome and gathering
  • One or more eulogies
  • Music / Hymns
  • The psalm
  • Bible reading(s)
  • Music / Hymns
  • Prayers
  • The farewell
  • Music / Hymn
  • The committal
  • The blessing

Buddhist Funerals

For those who practice Buddhism, death is a transition from this life to the next. Most Buddhists choose a burial or cremation and our funeral home can accommodate whichever choice you make.

Our funeral home has good relationships with Buddhist temples. We can arrange for them to conduct the funeral services so that the right prayers and ritualistic offerings are made.

Whatever your religion or culture, you can trust the funeral directors at Hetherington Funerals in Perth to accommodate your needs.