Arranging a Funeral– When Death Occurs

We are very sorry to hear about the passing of your loved one. When a death occurs, it’s not always easy to think straight, but funeral arrangements need to be made as soon as possible. That is why our sensitive team at Hetherington Funerals is here to help you through this difficult process so that you can focus on grieving. We can make planning a funeral as simple and stress-free as possible. Just follow our steps below for a seamless process.

We can make arranging a funeral as simple and stress-free as possible. Just follow our steps below for a seamless process.

 Step 1: Call Hetherington Funerals

The first thing you should do when a death of a loved one occurs is to call your trusted funeral home in Perth. The staff at Hetherington Funerals can arrange for the immediate transfer of the deceased into our care.


Step 2: Begin the Funeral Planning

If your loved one has not already arranged for funeral pre-planning, then our staff will begin the process of planning and carrying out a meaningful service. So arranging a funeral as simple and stress-free as possible for you and your family. Their professional advice, compassion, attention to detail and willingness to personalise the ceremony greatly influence the funeral arrangements experience. We have the knowledge to help you understand the different burial and cremation options available and to help create a personalised, meaningful funeral.


Step 3: Address the Funeral Arrangements Specifics

We strive to work with your family to arrange a service that accommodates all the wishes of the family and of the deceased. To do this successfully, we have to answer some questions. If your deceased loved one has not pre-arranged their funeral, the answers to these questions will fall to you. Some things you’ll want to consider are:

  • Burial or cremation
  • Day, time and venue of service
  • Who will lead the service – clergy, a private celebrant, a family member or friend?
  • Is a viewing desired?
  • What style of coffin?
  • Who will carry the coffin?
  • What kind of music?
  • Who will prepare and present the eulogy?
  • What flowers, if any, would you like?
  • Funeral and death notices in the press? Which paper?
  • Would you like to arrange for people to be able to make donations to a particular charity in honour of the person?
  • What things can be done to personalise the ceremony?

Hetherington Funerals based in Perth aims to make planning your funeral arrangements as easy and financially attainable as possible. When a death occurs, call our team on 1300 554 300 or contact us online.